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Commercial Demo
Narration Demo
E-Learning Demo
Audiobook Demo (Click here for my Audible Page)
Political Demo
Promo Demo
VOG (Large Venue) Demo


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Workers Compensation Fund TV
Med Solutions Video
Canadian Mist TV
Aramark Video
Columbia TurboDown TV
Professional Bull Riders Video
Nugenix TV
Cinsay Video


I’m an experienced male voiceover based near Atlanta, Georgia USA. Most people describe my voice as conversational, warm, and confident. I’ve voiced commercials, narrations, e-learning, political ads, live announce (VOG), audiobooks, a television series, and much, much more for clients big and small. I work at studios in and around Atlanta and from my excellent and well connected (SourceConnect and phone patch) home studio. Call (770) 354-0772 or e-mail me at

Studio & Contact

I don’t like to brag, but I have a really good home studio. Really. Super quiet and filled with very nice equipment. It sounds so good, studios have asked me to work from home because they like the sound in my studio better than in theirs. It’s set up for both SourceConnect (not the glitchy free one) and phone patch sessions.

My SourceConnect username is tonymessano. (For my profile page and information, click here.) My phone-patch number is (678) 726-7254. I’m always happy to do audition reads and can usually turn them around same day. E-mail scripts to or call me at (770) 354-0772.

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